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Sabtu, 30 April 2011

Put Energy Saving on the Blogspot

Online Leaf - Making Website Greener

Save the environment, online
The Online Leaf project develops and markets green website additions, which are easy to use on any website.
The idea is that a lot of small improvements make a large impact if they are spread out on a large enough number of websites, which will hopefully make the web less of a burden to the environment.

It might not seem like a lot of difference, but after all every little bit does count.

You can install the standby engine by copy & pasting the following code into the tag on your website or blog... yeah, it's that simple!

Paste the code before the tag </head>:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"

Now try it, make your blog greener..
Source: energy saving, http://www.onlineleaf.com/
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3 Commentators :

Fzhlr on 3 Mei 2011 17.43 mengatakan... Reply

gan, tulung bikinin yg custom kayak punya ente

Ghost Cell on 5 Mei 2011 13.55 mengatakan... Reply

@Fzhlr: thanks Agan Fzhlr, kira-kira gimana tuh contoh penulisan textnya, atau nnt saya post caranya aja ya gan, segera..

RanZ on 7 Mei 2011 19.16 mengatakan... Reply

sama gan,tulung bikinin yg custom kayak punya ente he he

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